October 13, 2006 — Everything about owning a hot tub, including water care, should be relaxing. It's the main reason people purchase spas. Nothing is quite as soothing as relaxing in the warm, swirling water of a spa. But keeping spas' water fresh, clean and pristine can require more ongoing spa maintenance than desired. Now, with the introduction of a proprietary new system using advanced technology, spa owners can enjoy virtually maintenance-free water care.

HotSpring Spas — the world's number one selling brand of portable spas — has recently introduced a revolutionary new water care system — AutoFresh®. Using state-of-the-art dispensing technology designed for the medical industry, the AutoFresh spa maintenance system automatically dispenses the required amount of chlorine-free sanitizer into the spa water, thereby eliminating the need for frequent maintenance.

"The AutoFresh system takes the guesswork out of water care," said Mike Dunn, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at HotSpring Spas. "The AutoFresh system is so advanced and sophisticated it does nearly all the water care automatically, so spa owners no longer need to wonder if the correct chemicals have been added. This technology is brand new to the spa market — there is no other system available in the industry that makes water care this easy," said Dunn. "Spa owners can relax in the knowledge that the system is always at work, so the spa water is fresh and clean, even when they haven't given water care a thought."

Product Features

The components of the AutoFresh system are seamlessly integrated into HotSpring spas. A dosing engine containing the advanced components that drive the spa maintenance system is installed by an authorized HotSpring Spas dealer. The sophisticated switching valve, pump and circuit board work together to calculate the precise amount of chemicals needed, and automatically dispense them into the spa water. The cartridge base, which is attached to the underside of the filter lid, contains a chlorine- and bromine-free sanitizer, oxidizer and waterline control. Each cartridge lasts about three months, varying based on spa size and usage. When the disposable cartridge's contents run out, it's replaced as easily as changing an ink cartridge in a computer printer.

Every two weeks, a flashing water care icon is displayed to remind the spa owner to test the spa water. By simply inserting a test strip and inputting the reading into the spa's control panel or optional remote control, the system automatically adds products according to the input, or defaults to a low-dose setting. The system is available for 2005-to-current HotSpring spas.

About HotSpring Spas
Established in 1977, W atkins is the manufacturer of HotSpring Spas. Over 700,000 spas have been sold since its inception. Watkins has a worldwide dealer network of over 900 sales and service centers in all 50 states, Canada, and 55 other countries, and is a division of Masco Corporation (MAS-NYSE), a Fortune 500 company whose quality products include Delta® faucets, KraftMaid® cabinets, and Behr® paints. Visit the company web site at www.hotspring.com.


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