Hot Spot® Hot Tubs

Features and quality add up to real value.

The Hot Spot Difference

Delivering great value, Hot Spot spas are designed to provide you with a relaxing retreat at a price you can afford. Choose a Hot Spot spa for quality craftsmanship, energy efficiency, easy water care, and peace of mind that you are backed by a brand you can trust – HotSpring® Spas. 


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“I enjoy deep tissue massages regularly and think that the jets are plenty strong on this spa.”

— Tempo Owner,

“We purchased the HotSpring Rhythm spa and it has been incredible! It is amazing how good you feel after a session in the spa.”

— Rhythm Owner,

“The SX is the finest tub we have ever been in. It is quiet, comfortable and economical to operate.”

— SX Owner,

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Tempo 6 person hot tub

226 x 226 x 99 cm | 1,575 litres

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Rhythm 7 person hot tub

213 x 213 x 93,5 cm | 1,350 litres

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Relay 6 person hot tub

213 x 213 x 93,5 cm | 1,300 litres

View Model

Propel 5 person hot tub

208 x 208 x 84 cm | 1,175 liters

View Model

Stride 3 person hot tub

213 x 165 x 76 cm | 825 litres

View Model

SX 3 person hot tub

183 x 183 x 84 cm | 1,075 litres

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TX 2 person hot tub

174 x 174 x 74 cm | 525 litres

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