The Highlife® Collection

The pinnacle of design, luxury and engineering for the ultimate spa experience

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The Highlife Collection is the culmination of 40 years of innovation from the industry leader, HotSpring Spas. A host of exclusive features gives you the ultimate spa experience with unique hydrotherapy massage, the simplest and most effective water care, plus money-saving energy efficiency. With nine spa models and six cabinet finishes, you’ll find a spa that fits your space and your style.

Exclusive Features


Unique Massage

One-of-a-kind Moto-Massage DX moving jets provide two powerful water streams that sweep up and down your back

100% Water Filtration

Exclusive no-bypass filtration system and dishwasher-safe Tri-X filters help keep water crystal clear

Energy Saving

Full-foam insulation and Energy Smart™ system for money-saving energy efficiency

Easy Operation

Wireless remote control operates spa functions from anywhere in the spa and up to 9 metres away

Built for Years of Use

Polymer support structure and base pan are wood-free for durability and long life

  • Sandstone Sandstone
  • Shale Shale
  • Walnut Walnut
  • Bronze Bronze
  • Driftwood Driftwood
  • Brushed Nickel Brushed Nickel

Choose from six cabinet finishes and designer shell color combinations for a wide range of styles, from traditional to cutting-edge contemporary.

See how Highlife Collection spas compare to other spas in the HotSpring family.

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Grandee 7 person hot tub

254 x 231 x 97 cm | 1,700 litres

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Vanguard 6 person hot tub

221 x 221 x 91 cm | 1,275 litres

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Sovereign 6 person hot tub

203 x 236 x 84 cm | 1,200 litres

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Envoy 5 person hot tub

236 x 231 x 97 cm | 1,475 litres

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Aria 5 person hot tub

221 x 221 x 91 cm | 1,225 litres

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Prodigy 5 person hot tub

198 x 213 x 84 cm | 1,100 litres

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Triumph 4 person hot tub

236 x 188 x 84 cm | 1,275 litres

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JETSETTER LX 3 person hot tub

213 x 165 x 84 cm | 800 litres

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Jetsetter 3 person hot tub

213 x 165 x 74 cm | 750 litres

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