LED Lighting Systems

Most HotSpring spas feature a multi-coloured LED lighting system that allows you to enjoy a rainbow of colour while entertaining friends, or easily select the single hue that best matches your mood.

LED Lighting Systems


Add ambience to your nightly soak with the Highlife® Collection’s Luminescence lighting system.  With four zones, you can individually control colour and brightness of underwater and bartop lighting, or set the lights to rotate through all the colours. 



Illuminate your Limelight® Collection hot tub with up to 39 points of light accenting the hot tub interior and the Vidro waterfall. Raio’s six colour options can be set to high, medium or low intensity, and you can choose to showcase one colour or set the system to loop through them all. 


Hot Spot®

Add an enchanting glow to your spa water with 10 multi-coloured LED points of light featured on the Hot Spot Rhythm and Relay models. Six lights reflect above the water line, while four lights in the footwell illuminate the spa’s interior. With six jewel-bright colours and a three-step dimmer, you can choose a single colour or watch them revolve. 



The optional Splendors LED lighting system for Hot Spot SX and TX models provides multi-coloured dimmable lighting, so you can customise your spa experience to be intimate and fun. SX and TX models come standard with a blue LED spa light.

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