Hot Tub Replacement Covers

Our spa covers are made to last, but they will wear over time. Your spa cover is a critical part of the Energy Smart™ system, and key to achieving the energy efficiency that sets HotSpring® apart. When the time comes, insist on a genuine HotSpring replacement cover.

Hot Tub Replacement Covers

Energy Efficient Hot Tub Covers


HotSpring Spas leads the industry in producing highly energy-efficient hot tubs and hot tub covers. Our rigid, vinyl hot tub covers tightly lock in heat with 24 kg/m³ and 32 kg/m³ foam cores that increase the R-factor of the cover for additional energy efficiency. Our spa cover will save you money on your energy bill by holding in the heat. With a tight seal you will save money on your water bill as well since less water is lost to evaporation.



These covers are a custom fit for the Highlife Series spas.
Available in chocolate and slate.

best-quality-highlife-hot-tub-cover-chocolate-mocha-02 Highlife® Hot Tub Cover in Chocolate
energy-saving-highlife-hot-tub-replacement-cover-02 Highlife® Hot Tub Cover in Smoke


(Colours may appear differently on different devices - consult your local HotSpring dealer to verify colours)

Hot Spot® Collection Hot Tub Replacement Covers

These vinyl covers feature a classic linen look and texture.
Available in Nutmeg and Stone

hot-spring-hot-spot-pace-havana-studio-cover-nutmeg-shadow-2020 Hot Spot® Hot Tub Cover in Nutmeg
hot-spring-hot-spot-relay-storm-cover-stone-shadow-2020 Hot Spot® Hot Tub Cover in Stone


(Colours may appear differently on different devices - consult your local HotSpring dealer to verify colours)

Superior Hot Tub Cover Construction


cover-234x175HotSpring's heavy-duty marine grade vinyl hot tub covers feature a tapered custom-fit core that allows water runoff, while its polyester thread and poly-ply laminate create a vapour barrier to protect the cover from harsh weather, chemicals and intense sunlight. Nylon flaps give the zipper extra strength, preventing breakage or tears.
Your hot tub cover is one of the most important factors in the energy efficient design of your hot tub. Covers require regular maintenance and should be inspected yearly for wear and to ensure a tight seal. Since hot tub covers are exposed to the elements they will eventually need replacement. You can contact your local HotSpring dealer to inquire about replacing your cover when it is time. How can you tell when it is time to replace your hot tub cover? Our FAQ section can educate you about the proper care and maintenance of your HotSpring spa.

Durable Design


coverlifter-175x228HotSpring hot tub covers are outfitted with exclusive, sturdy brackets for strong support and easy installation of our exclusive cover lifters. Each cover is made with double-stitched vinyl for a durable hinge and extra strong padded handles for long lasting performance. There are 24 internal stress points reinforced in each spa cover, including aluminium reinforcement for maximum strength and minimum weight.

A hot tub cover lifter extends the life of your hot tub cover. Without a hot tub cover lifter removing, storing and replacing the cover between uses becomes a chore and your hot tub cover can become damaged when placed on the ground, concrete patio or deck. Especially with a larger hot tub, opening and replacing the hot tub cover without a hot tub cover lifter can be a two-person job. With a spa cover lifter one person can easily open the cover, keeping it off the ground, and easily close the cover when they are finished with their soak.

The cover lifter also frees time to double-check the cover is closed properly with a tight seal. With a HotSpring cover lifter you are more likely to use your spa since the chore of opening and closing the cover becomes a non-issue. Since the hot tub cover will save you money on your energy bill it is wise to encourage people to remember to close your hot tub after use by making it an easy operation. Remember that your hot tub cover also keeps debris out of your spa.

Safety Certified Hot Tub Cover


Reinforced, adjustable straps make it easy to safely secure the spa cover. Each HotSpring hot tub cover is UL-classified in accordance with ASTM safety standards, and includes child safety locks for extra protection.

Reduce energy consumption and better control your electricity bills with an energy efficient hot tub cover.