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your Perfect Hot Tub

Each HotSpring Spas collection features multiple spas with different jets, features and number of seats. Use this tool to narrow down your search, so you can find a spa that’s just right for you.

Benefit Features/Product Line Highlife
Hot Spot
  Types of jets 7 9 6
Massage Moto-Massage® DX
  Original Moto-Massage     SX & TX only
Clean Water 100% no-bypass filtration
  Tri-X filters
  FreshWater® Salt System (Optional)
  FreshWater® Ozone System (Optional)
  FROG® In-Line Cartridge Ready    
Energy Efficiency Multiple Layers of Foam Insulation
  FiberCor® Insulation  
  Polymeric Substructure
  Polymeric Base Pan
  ABS Base Pan
  SilentFlo 5000 Circulation
Optional for SX & TX only
  No-Fault® Heater
  Custom-Fit Insulated Cover
  “CEC and APSP Certified (Energy Efficiency)”
Intuitive Controls Wireless Touchscreen Control System
  Full-Colour LCD Display Screen  
  LCD Display Screen    
  Advanced control panel
  Diagnostic Logo Light
Lighting & Entertainment Customisable zone lighting
  Multi-Colour Lighting
  Multi-Colour Points-of-Light  
  Exterior Lighting
On all except for SX and TX
  Wireless Entertainment Optional Optional Optional,
except for Stride, SX and TX