Stride™ - 3 Person Hot Tub Overhead View

    Stride™ - 3 Person Hot Tub

    • Seats: 3 adults
    • Dimensions: 213 x 165 x 74 cm
    • Water Capacity: 852 litres

    Shell Colours

    • Champagne Opal shell Champagne Opal
    • Pearl shell Pearl
    • Sterling Marble Sterling Marble

    Cabinet Colours

    • Coastal Gray cabinet Coastal Gray
    • Espresso cabinet Espresso
    • Redwood cabinet Redwood

    Hot Spot Spas – Tempo, Relay & Stride

    The Tempo, Relay and Stride spas are our most fully-featured Hot Spot models with quality details that will provide years of pleasure and pride of ownership. From the elegant, flowing lines of the bar top to the ergonomic seating, cushioned pillows, attractive jet recesses and sculpted footwell, these sleek spas are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and functional.

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    The Savings Are Built In

    A Hot Spot® spa is an investment in comfort and relaxation that's designed to give you years of enjoyment and cost-conscious operation, whichever model you choose.

    Hot Spring spa


    Want lots of jet power? You've got it! At the heart of every Hot Spot spa is a powerful Wavemaster jet pump, perfectly matched with the spa's jet and plumbing system. Powerful, adjustable jets relax and revive your body with a comforting blend of air and water. Direct the adjustable jets for customized hydromassage. You'll get the precise amount of power you prefer for a deeply satisfying massage.


    Innovative FiberCor™ insulation fills your Hot Spot cabinet completely to fully insulate your spa. FiberCor is applied at a 2 lb. density level – which is 4-times greater than that 1/2 lb. foam used in most spas – to maximize energy efficiency and lower operating costs. Plus, FiberCor has the added benefit of being environmentally friendly. It’s entirely reusable, easily disposable and made from 25% recycled materials.

    All Hot Spot spas have been certified to the stringent energy efficiency guidelines set by the California Energy Commission (CEC), as well as to the national standard, APSP 14. You can have peace of mind knowing that your Hot Spot spa is designed to keep operating costs low no matter where you live.


    Our proven, high-quality No-Fault heater is dependable and efficient, keeping the spa water hot so you can enjoy a relaxing soak anytime. The heater is backed by our exclusive No-Fault warranty, which has no exclusions for water chemistry.

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    Seating Capacity 3 adults
    Dimensions 213 x 165 x 74 cm
    Water Capacity 852 litres
    Weight 288 kg dry; 1377 kg filled*
    Spa Shell & Everwood™ Cabinet Options
    Champagne Opal
    Coastal Gray
    Coastal Gray
    Sterling Marble
    Coastal Gray

    Lighting System

    6 multi-colour LED points of light

    Entertainment Option(s)

    Wireless TV and Sound System
    Wireless Sound System with Dock
    Wireless Bluetooth Sound System

    Hydromassage Jets (Total-18)

    3 Directional Hydromassage jets
    1 Rotary Hydromassage jets
    14 Directional Precision™ jets
    Water FeatureNo
    Control System
    IQ 2020™
    230v/16 amp
    Jet Pump 1
    2.0 HP Continuous Duty
    3.9 HP Breakdown Torque
    Ozone System (optional) FreshWater™ III Corona Discharge
    Effective Filtration Area 2.8 m²
    Vinyl Cover
    9 cm to 6.5 cm tapered
    2 lb. density foam core
    Hot Tub Cover Lifter (Optional)
    CoverCradle II™
    Lift ‘n Glide™
    Steps (Optional)
    Everwood™ or Polymer
    Coastal Grey, Espresso, Redwood

    * Includes water and 3 adults weighing 79 kg each

    Points of Light

    Hot Spring spa

    Create your own rainbow with 10 multi-coloured LED points of light, each strategically positioned to add a soft, enchanting glow to the spa water. Four lights at the footwell illuminate the spa’s interior, while six lights located above the water line add reflective sparkle that dances as the water moves. Six jewel-bright colours; enjoy one color or loop them for a continuously revolving light show. A three-step dimmer lets you control the intensity.

    Points of Light spa lighting colors


    Enjoy subtle, soothing sounds from your spa's waterfall, a flowing stream of crystalline water.

    Hot Spring spa waterfall

    Water Care

    Slip into soothing clean water without a lot of fuss or bother. Keeping your spa water sparkling fresh is simple. Hot Spot spas have accessible, easy-to-clean filter cartridges and a jet pump that runs at low speed during routine, automatic filter cycles.

    To enhance your water care routine, consider the optional EverFresh™ water care system. The optional FreshWater™ III high-output ozone system generates a high concentration of ozone that works to neutralize contaminants on contact. And the optional FreshWaterAg+™ continuous silver ion purifier works to inhibit bacteria growth with the natural sanitation power of silver ions. To complete this more natural water care system, use our chlorine-free oxidizer to activate the silver ions that help refresh and brighten your spa water.

    Hot Spring spa

    Music System

    Listen to your favorite soundtrack with the optional Integrated MP3 Sound System and flip-up speakers.  Integrated into the spa cabinet, this system features an iPod® dock and an auxiliary input for other MP3 players. Also included is a waterproof remote that allows you to control iPod track and volume from inside or around your spa.

    Spa music system

    Hot Tub Pricing

    Hot tub shopping can be similar to car shopping, however one noticeable difference is that there is rarely MSRP pricing on manufacturer websites. While price is important, it's only part of the whole story because it really doesn't tell you anything about value or quality.

    To get a quote, please click the button below and your local authorized dealer will contact you with a competitive, no-obligation, free price quote.


    For more information about pricing you can also contact your local dealer.

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