Easy to Use and Care For

You can relax because your HotSpring® spa does the work - saving you time and effort.

Continuous, Silent Filtration

In a HotSpring spa, the SilentFlo 5000 circulation pump works continuously, filtering the spa's water 24 hours a day. It's totally automatic, so there's no need to program long cleaning and heating cycles as in other spas. Nor do you have the wear and tear, energy drain or noise of a large jet pump running during those cycles. Operating silently and efficiently, your HotSpring spa is always hot, clean and ready to enjoy.

100% No Bypass Filtration

With 100% No-Bypass filtration, all the water passes through the filter before it re-enters the spa. With other spas, bypassing occurs when the jets are on, forcing unfiltered water directly back into the spa. With a HotSpring spa, the gallon-per-minute flow of our pumps is carefully matched with each spa's square footage to achieve balanced filtration, so there's no need for bypassing.


Tri-X Filter Technology

The patented Tri-X™ filter has twice the cleaning area of a similarly-sized cartridge, filtering the water three-dimensionally through both the surface and depth. Dishwasher-safe, it's easy to maintain. Included as standard on many models, Tri-X filters can be used on any HotSpring spa. Available only on the Summit, Grandee, Envoy and Aria.

Ozone System

HotSpring spas come standard with the FreshWater III high-output ozone system. Working 24/7, it continuously injects millions of tiny, highly-concentrated ozone bubbles into the water, thereby neutralising contaminants on contact. The system uses a corona discharge cell, requiring virtually no maintenance.


Additional Water Care Options

To make your ownership experience more enjoyable

ACE Salt Water Hot Tub Filtration System

A revolutionary way to clean your spa with just a little bit of salt, your spa water, and diamond technology. Click here to discover more about the revolutionary Ace Salt water sanitising system for your future hot tub.

Everfresh Hot Tub Water Care

A virtually chlorine-free approach to water care that combines ozone with MPS and silver ions. Click here to know more about the EverFresh™ system.


Starting with Clean Water

Regardless of which system you choose, these one-of-a-kind products make water care easier by allowing you to start with the cleanest water possible.

Clean Screen™ Pre-Filter

Clean Screen Pre-Filter

Help ensure water is as clean as possible every time you fill your hot tub by using the Clean Screen™ pre-filter. Attach it to a garden hose to filter out organic contaminants, metals (such as copper and iron), and tannins before they are introduced into the spa water.

Vanishing Act™ Calcium Remover

Vanishing Act Calcium Remover

Reduce water hardness in an entirely new way with the Vanishing Act™ calcium remover. Instead of adding chemicals to the water, this water treatment removes calcium particles, leaving the water softer and silky on your skin. Softer water reduces the need for additional chemicals, helps extend the life of your spa water, and helps protect hot tub components from damage that can result from hard water.

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