Industry Leading Technology

Your HotSpring® spa incorporates the latest advances to give you hours of enjoyment. Here are just a few of the innovative features that make owning a HotSpring spa such a simple pleasure. Your HotSpring dealer can point out many more.

Absolute Best Water Care

We've revolutionised the way hot tub owners care for their water by offering the first and only integrated salt water sanitising system using diamond technology. Our optional ACE® Salt Water Sanitising System automatically generates five cleaners for an easier, more hands-free approach to water care. With the ACE system, you'll experience softer, cleaner water that looks, feels and even smells great.

Intuitive Controls

The IQ 2020 spa control system is the brains inside every HotSpring spa, including yours. It's such a snap to program, we bet you'll have it mastered in about a minute. A 3.5" high-resolution colour LCD screen is easy to read even at night. A built-in memory saves your favourite settings and a 10-minute clean-up cycle kicks in with the push of a button when you leave your spa.


Lighting by Design

With the Luminescence lighting system you can easily create a lighting design to suit your mood. The six-colour system has four zones: bartop, pillows, water feature and underwater. Illuminate a single zone or program each one separately for a custom-colour scheme.

Personalised Entertainment

HotSpring spas are designed to let you add an entertainment system at any time. Your entertainment options include the integrated MP3 Sound System incorporated into the spa cabinet, the Wireless Sound System featuring an iCast transmitter and a Wireless TV for maximum entertainment.


No-Fault Heater No Worries

HotSpring pioneered the concept of a no-fault heater in hot tubs, and leads the industry in advanced heater technology.

  • The heater is the most vulnerable component of a spa due to its constant exposure to high heat, water, and chemicals
  • Our unique titanium heater housing and elements deliver unmatched corrosion resistance
  • Unlike other spa warranties, your No-Fault™ heater warranty is valid for five years - regardless of water chemistry


Power-On/Ready Indicator LightJust Set It and Forget It

To heat your HotSpring spa, simply decide what water temperature you like, then "set it and forget it." Your spa will always be ready when you are, and the Power-On/Ready Indicator light on the spa's cabinet will let you know your tub is on and ready.

Efficient Pumps

In most spas, the jet pump has to tackle double duty, powering the jets at high speed and the filtration cycles at low speed. HotSpring spas are different because the work is divided between two separate pumps. Our separate, low-amp, SilentFlo 5000 circulation pump provides continuous filtration, so the Wavemaster jet pumps can be dedicated to producing a powerful hydromassage experience. Plus, our SmartJet system allows you to direct the power to a specific group of jets, which means there is less horsepower required and less energy consumed creating a perfectly balanced hydromassage experience.




With a variety of colours and finishes from which to choose, you're certain to find a HotSpring spa that suits your personal style. Our spa shells are constructed from an acrylic surface layer co-laminated to an impact-resistant ABS substrate, fused together in a controlled, automated process that ensures a more durable, even surface that will provide years of enjoyment.

Ergonomically Designed Seating

Each seat in a HotSpring spa has been designed to maximise comfort as well as the benefits of hydromassage. Unlike in-ground spas typically made from concrete, our spa shells are formed to follow the body's contours, providing gentle support. Our ergonomic designs allow for ideal jet placement that targets specific muscle groups, and multi-level seating accommodates adults and children of varying heights.

Interior Construction



We pioneered the development of alternative-wood cabinets. Our exclusive Everwood cabinet delivers low maintenance and high durability, and comes with a five-year limited warranty. The embossed wood-grain look evokes the natural warmth and beauty of wood.

Exterior Construction
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